Man Shares Amazing Sculptures He Made From Scrap Metal

Nigeria without doubt is a rich and blessed land.

The land is blessed with natural resources and people that are with raw talents that should be exploited and good things with unimaginable beauty will be coming out of it. Ayokunle Dongo is one of such people.

Ayokunle Dongo (Twitter name) is a Nigerian Man that specializes in creating figures using metal junks and magnetic objects.

The special thing about objects he creates is that they look exactly like the image of whatever he’s trying to depict.

Among his handiwork that stands out is a metallic cock that he titled “Akuko Gafara”.

Although some Twitter users described it as “Cybertrons’ Cockerel” that just strolled out of “Optimus Prime’s poultry”.

A Nigerian man identified as Ofili David, who came across the amazing sculptures promised to build a website for him for free.

Check out the pictures of some of the sculptures made from scrap metal below;

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