Megameek October 4, 2019

A social media influencer popularly known as Chemical Brodar has retells his ordeal a social media user.

Read what he wrote below; “The time I got compared to one ugly af fish on this app, I kept my calm because I have my own problems and there’s no damn way I’ll let twitter add to it.

Everybody laughed and was happy but I was still looking but I noticed one single person who kept pushing on it and even mentioning me.

I told myself I’ll make this person a scapegoat.

I tracked him down for 3 months+.

When I finally got to his house with 2 of my guys and saw the guy, I instantly felt pity for him he looked so poor and he smelt like rotten fish.

I told him I came to jump him but I wouldn’t even bring myself so low because nature had already done its job on him.

Most of the people who always take out their time to bully people here are not shit.

They are jobless and always looking for where to pour their frustration.”

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